Double trouble: Two new Manes releases out late June 2024!

Both the brand new 4-track EP entitled “Pathei Mathos” and the remix-compilation “Slow Motion Death Sequence Remixed” was released during the last few days of June 2024! The EP was first and foremost a downtime-project that was initiated, recorded and mixed as the band was waiting for the first mix draft for their next album. So yes, there is also a new album in the pipeline, but everything concerning that is still TBC or TBA.

For the EP, the band chose to work rather dogmatically, and as such it features only one vocalist (contrary to both their previous few albums, and also the upcoming album). Metal Insider gave “Pathei Mathos” a 5/5 top score review, saying: “Appealing to the heart, soul, and most deep-rooted fears, Manes’ flowing and hypnotic material is absurdly rewarding, wedding both constructive and destructive elements. It is music that you could and should listen to every day.”

“Slow Motion Death Sequence Remixed” has been a release cursed with unforeseen circumstances. The first remixes for this compilation were received by the band not long after the titular 2018 album was released by Debemur Morti Productions, but now it is finally out! Thank you to all bands and artists for their patience and amazing contributions; Aborym, And then you die, Område, Throes of Dawn, Jørgen Meyer, Fluffybunnyfeet and Kristoffer Oustad! Metal Insider wrote an amazing review for this release too: “If you don’t purchase both Slow Motion Death Sequence and Slow Motion Death Sequence Remixed, you are missing out on the best and deserve the worst! Even now, I can’t wrap my head around the magnificence of Slow Motion Death Sequence. If this masterpiece could force an incorrigibly arrogant snob like me to want to genuflect before its creators, it, along with its companion, certainly equates to a must-hear and a must-revisit for every single individual with functioning ears.”

Both are out now via Aftermath Music. “Pathei Mathos” is made available on digital platforms, as well as digipack MCD, 10” colored vinyl and as limited edition deluxe bundles with T-shirt, totebag and signed card. “Slow Motion Death Sequence Remixed” is made available on digital platforms and as a strictly limited vinyl edition.

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