For the true “Vilosophe” aficionado out there, the “Saeculum II” compilation is available on Bandcamp!

VILOSOPHE is twenty years old!
Yep, time flies like flittermice (and Satan’s spies), but we didn’t make any cake. There are no candles to be blown out. However, we rummaged through our cavernous cellar, emptied out old bags of floppy disks and found some remnants from that time and compiled what we call SAECULUM II. A couple of the tracks have popped up earlier here and there, but most of it has been recently unearthed.
It has the same track list as Vilosophe, but some of them are pre-prod demos, some are live songs from 2002 and 2004, as well as a rare unreleased remix of White Devil Black Shroud by Iron Sid among the tracks.
I guess this collection is mostly for the true Vilosophe aficionado out there, as the sound is far from high fidelity. Probably without fidelity at all at times.
No physical release planned, just digital. Check it out on Bandcamp here:

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